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Lactalis We are a national dairy company with a long and proud history in Australia, a history that commenced with the opening of the Pauls milk factory on the banks of the Brisbane River back in the 1930s. More than 80 years on, we are now part of a global dairy organization that brings nutrition and wellness to people all over the world. We have great brands and great people. We continue to invest and expand in Australia, setting the benchmark for the dairy industry locally and playing an ever-increasing role in the export of dairy products into Asia.

Pauls Milk

Pauls full cream milk is the great natural tasting milk suitable for the whole family. It provides a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals and is available in both fresh and long life products. So drink Pauls milk for its great natural taste and benefit from its goodness.

Ice Break

Launched in the late 90's, Ice Break is now Australia's number one Iced Coffee. It is available in four sizes - the 500ml and 750ml are great for a fill on the go, and the 1.25 litre and 2 litre are a great size for in the fridge at home.

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Every block of Mainland cheese has a special and unique ingredient that gives our cheese a unique Mainland flavour - patience. At Mainland our Cheese Masters know that you can't hurry nature; cheese is ready when it's ready.

Just Juice

Just Juice offers a broad range of flavours that are known for their quality and consistency. All flavours contain a minimum of 99% fruit juice content. The Just Juice range offers a broad range of exciting flavours and is available in convenient pack sizes 6 x 250ml, 6 x 150ml, 1L, 2L, and 3 Litres.


Prima's cool range of 25% fruit drinks are ideal for children's lunchboxes and for that 'after school treat'. Naturally, Prima contains NO PRESERVATIVES and its convenient packaging enables you to stack, store or freeze your preferred flavour.


Dairy is our life's work and our strategy is to lead in dairy. We've built strong partnerships with other leading global dairy companies and we are co-operatively owned by 11,000 New Zealand dairy farmers. Find out more about what makes us tick.

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Bulla Dairy Foods

Bulla Dairy Foods an Australian owned family company making premium quality dairy products since 1910. Its traditional dairy skills have been passed down and today it continues to provide first class products that maintain that unmistakable taste of real dairy, country goodness.

Edlyn Foods

With a history spanning in excess of 65 years, Edlyn Foods Pty. Ltd. has grown to be recognised as a key supplier within the foodservice industry. By combining superior product quality with flawless customer service, Edlyn Foods has steadily built a loyal customer base .


100% Australian owned and operated, the Lencia Family are proud of our regional heritage. Our iconic brands have been loved by generations and include Lencia, Cruncha, Ducats and Mr D's. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, best tasting drinks that are proudly Australian!

Harcourt Apple Juice

Harcourt Apple Juice is Australia's best pure fresh apple juice, bar none.

Harcourt Apple Juice is 100% Australian grown and made. It is pure, fresh apple juice, cold pressed by traditional methods from locally grown Harcourt apples.


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