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The Symons' Dairy  Story

Established 1919 by 1st generation Albert Symons

Symons Dairy began as Sunnyside Dairies in 1919 in High Street, Golden Square, at a time when there were 67 dairies in Bendigo. Founded by Albert Symons it had 2 Rounds : one with a horse and cart and another done by bike. Milk was ladled by torchlight from a can into a billy. Billies were left on verandas’, in trees, on the front step or even on the kitchen table, to be filled fresh for breakfast. A pint of milk cost 2 pence, the money being left out each night in many unusual hiding places.

2nd Generation
of George Symons 

George Symons took over the Dairy in 1953, when 4 horses delivered milk 7 days a week. Milk was soon available in bottles and the clip clop of horses hooves became a familiar sound during the night through the streets of Bendigo.

The horse would walk along the street by itself, whilst the driver ran to and from the cart, delivering into the customers houses. The horse would never let the driver forget anyone, jogging his memory by refusing to move if the driver had missed a customer.

Replacement of Horse and Cart delivery service

During the 70’s trucks replaced the horse and cart and cartons replaced glass bottles. These have now been largely replaced by plastic bottles. Today a Modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles services an extensive customer base. These vehicles are equipped with both on road and off road refrigeration units, servicing a wide range of clientele from milk bars, take-aways, bakeries, cafes, restaurants and hotels, to schools, childcare centres, aged care facilities, hospitals and corporations.

Now 3rd Generation of Symons in Deb & Ian,
working with the 4th Generation

As our product range has continued to grow, the size of our current operation necessitated a move to a desperately needed larger facility. This new facility situated in Bendigo East consists of modern administration offices and an extensive state of the art Coolroom. Our administration is totally computerised to maintain and track all sales trends. Symons Dairy is HACCP Certified, guaranteeing the highest standards of care & control of all their products.
We offer the highest level of care and service as we deliver over 300 different lines, to over 300 customers, delivering more than 3 million litres of dairy produce per year.
Today Symons' Dairy is a major distributor for Lactalis milk & dairy products, juice, water and much more. Our product range has grown and will continue to grow to meet market trends and customer demand.
Quality and service are our main focus. This has never, or will never be compromised during our continued growth.
Symons' Dairy service Bendigo and the surrounding districts ensuring fresh products are delivered on time and in full.
Symons' Dairy is located at 18 Alstonvale Court, East Bendigo Victoria 3550.
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Independent Franchised Distributor for Lactalis Australia Ltd.


18 Alstonvale Court
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